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Can I make my own Patent Application Drawings?

Yes, you could, but it likely isn’t a good idea.  For provisional patent applications, generally self-drafted black and white drawings are sufficient, provided that they show each feature or aspect of your invention.  For nonprovisional utility and design patents it generally is more expensive in the long run to create your own drawings.  The patent office has specific technical rules related to shading, font size, number placement and order, page margins, and arrangement of the drawings.  If you submit an incorrect set of drawings the office will likely object to the set of figures requiring that you resubmit a compliant set.  Resubmitted drawings make then be objected to as introducing inappropriate “new matter.”  Additionally, there are legal requirements related to the interconnection of the patent drawings the specification section of the patent application and the claims.  The drawings in combination with your specification must sufficiently enable one skilled in the art to make or use your invention; if not, your patent application will not be granted by the Patent Office.  For claim purposes, the drawings must show each element included in the claims.  Elements that are excluded from the drawings may inhibit proper claiming of your invention by unduly limiting or narrowing your claims or prevent proper claiming entirely.

At Mitchell Law PLLC we work with affordable, talented draftsman with years of experience.  Please contact us if you would like more information about our services or wish to review drawing set examples.

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