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Our US patent law firm assists foreign attorneys with national phase entry into the US under the PCT Patent Cooperation Treaty.

USA National Phase Entry Requirements

U.S. national phase entry under the PCT has a number of requirements. Although some of the requirements may be delayed until after the initial submission for entry of a PCT application into the U.S., we recommend the following be prepared in advance for the lowest cost:

The US must be designated in the PCT

  • U.S. national phase entry must occur within 30 months from the priority date
  • A copy of the International Application as filed
  • Amendments to the claims of the International Application
  • An English language translation of the International Application as filed and any desired amendments
  • An executed/signed oath or declaration
  • An English language translation of the annexes of the International Preliminary Examination Report (IPER)
  • U.S. National Phase Fees

Our fees for entry into the United States will vary depending on the International Application filed under the PCT. As a general guideline our fees for a US national phase from PCT that is truly ready to file with all accompanying parts is typically provided on a flat rate of $750 plus government fees. However, our fees are higher when amendments to the claims, such as those required to eliminate multiple dependency, are required. On average, our fees range from $750 – $2,000 plus government fees.

Please contact us to request our availability and for an estimate of our fees for USA national phase entry of your PCT patent application.

U.S. National Phase Entry PCT

For expedited service (under 24 hours) please complete this form:
  • e.g., PCT/US2014/035888
  • (will appear on invoice)
  • (will appear on invoice, if applicable)

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