Copyright: Protecting Your Creative Expression

Whereas patents protect useful items, like machines and processes, copyrights are designed to protect text, graphics, and other creative expression. A copyright does exactly what the word implies, it gives the creator the “right” to control any attempt to “copy” the created work. Reproduction, distribution, production, performance, and the right to display the work of authorship are each protected under the Act. Protection for an authored work extends over the life of the author, plus 70 years.

Authors, painters, filmmakers, musicians, composers … all produce protectable works. The Copyright Act protects architectural design, software, the graphic arts, motion pictures, and sound recordings.

Mitchell Law PLLC has extensive experience filing and obtaining copyright protection for a variety of clients. We can either help your company set up a system for efficiently obtaining protection for your creative expressions or else we can handle all required filings to obtain protection on your behalf. We can also help you establish systems for policing and enforcing your registered materials.

Unlike patents or trademarks, a filing is not necessary to establish a copyright. Filing an application with the government is essential, however, to enforcing your original work of authorship in the federal courts, and is strongly advised.

Defending copyrighted works against infringement can be one of the most difficult areas of Intellectual Property law. For information on how Mitchell Law PLLC can help you register or protect your original materials, please contact us today.