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Design Patents

Protect the Unique Look of an Item

A design patent protects the unique look, shape, or form of an item. You would generally apply for a design patent if the item you are protecting has already been invented but you have improved it through a unique change in its look, shape, or form, generally an aesthetic improvement.

Service Cost
Attorney Service Fee: $896
Patent Office Filing Fee: $190
Up to 7 Professional Illustrations: Included

Design Patent14 Years of Patent Protection

Design Patent AttorneyPatent Pending Status

Design Patent ApplicationQuick Completion & Filing

If your design patent application is approved by the U.S. Patent Office, you will receive 14 years of patent protection and have a exclusive right, i.e., a monopoly, over the use and sale of items having the design.
Once your design patent application is filed with the U.S. Patent Office, your invention is officially “Patent Pending” and may then be affixed with the phrase.  Patent Pending status is also important when seeking investors.
A design patent application can be completed and submitted to the U.S. Patent Office in about 2 weeks or less. You will receive an official patent application number from the U.S, Patent Office immediately after filing.

Two Tracks to get Started on your Design Patent Submission:

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Speak with a registered patent attorney to initiate the process by contacting us. You will have the opportunity to ask any question about the design patenting process and patenting requirements.

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